How To Christmas and Holiday Fashion Tips

It is always nice to wear something new and pretty during the Holiday Season. Here are 5 tips to help you stay on budget and look absolutely fabulous!

1- Start with the Basics
In doubt, go with black: little black dress, black skirt, black pants. If you’re going to attend a few parties and would like to wear a different outfit at each, think mix and match and go for the skirt or the pants. Also decide if you want to wear that pretty new piece of clothing after the Holiday Season, at work for example. If that’s the case, go with for a more classical line. Maybe you already have those perfect basic pieces in your wardrobe – check out first!

2 - Accessorize
Go for a little style and accessorize your basics. Maybe you’ll want to add a touch of colour or try a different style. Add a shawl, a nice brooch, sparkling choker, a scarf, original shoes... Let your personality shine through!

3 -
Fun Fun Touches
They make all the difference! Dare something special and original. How about some tattoo stockings, bright cherry lipstick, glitter eye liner... Only one basic rule to remember: to add just a touch and not too much!

4 - Holiday Hair
Curl it, straighten it, colour it, try glamour, retro waves, French chignon, ballerina bun, add some pretty accessories... Decide on the style you want to create and again, have fun and maybe go out of your ordinary.

5 - Final tips

Choose non transfer lipstick, waterproof mascara, go easy on the perfume, use hand cream so your hands are soft and smile! It is all about having fun, feeling confident and sharing happy times with family and friends.

Remember, it’s all about balance! Don’t wear a froufrou skirt with a shawl, a big necklace, ultra glossy red lipstick, neon glitter eye shadow, tattoo stockings and a huge flower in your hair at the same time... And don't wait until the last minute to decide. You'll save a whole lot of time and probably money as there are already great deals you can already take advantage of! Have fun !!

To see more of the items featured, click on the pictures or the links below:
. Sunday Dress by Ureshii
. Black White Stripes Shawl Shrug by Pinar Eris
. Sexy Flora tattoo tights by Post:
. Chicory - a woodland blue flower hair wreath by The Honeycomb
. Felted Poppy Necklace by AVA Original
. Color me Flower by VerreDesign

Enjoy the day and all the best,

Patricia Wood

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