What to Buy a Jewelry Maker Lover for Christmas?

What to buy to a jewelry maker may be tricky. New tools? Beads? Gift certificates to some supplier’s store? Another designer’s piece.... maybe one of mine?

Well, all of the above can be a challenging and end up in disappointment if the jewelry designer did not let you know about any specifics or clues. For instance, I’m pretty picky about the tools I use and like to chose them myself – so if I was to receive new round nose pliers, I guess I would rather have you asking me about it before you spend any money on them!

On the other part, all jewelry designers love to have their creative wheels spinning and to learn new things. They will probably tell you the best investment they can make is in themselves and in learning new techniques and/or polishing what they already do best.

To do just that, here are 5 great books I recommend. I love them all and learned greatly going through each one of them. I checked if they were still available on Amazon and they are! They all cost 20$ or less and are worth every penny:) The only exception is Corina’s book (passing the Flame) but it is the encyclopaedia of bead making, a reference book I still refer to regularly and that retails at around 50$.

I added a little widget on the right with the 5 books, in the side panel, to make it easier for you to check out. Simply click on the images to see more of them and get inspired. I also added a little description for each one.

So if you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a jewelry maker, her birthday or any other occasion, grab any of the suggested books and got yourself a winner:)
I hope this will help find a perfect gift! Have a terrific day,

One of a kind Artisan Jewerly and ArtGlass

PS : If you'd like to recommand any other book, please do so by leaving its title in the comments! And let me know if this helped. Thanks:)

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