Ode to Knitting and Reconstructing

I am currently working on secret Christmas projects. I can’t really tell you exactly what my brains and hands are busy creating because there maybe spies reading this blog. But I can tell you a few of them are knitting related.

Ah! The joy of knitting! Little simple pleasure I kind of had forgotten about. Solitary contentment that has you relax, think and reflect. And sipping tea once in a while when your hands feel a little tired.

This week-end, as I was deconstructing some of my “secret work” to rebuilt it at proper size, I started thinking that this was exactly like life – you sometimes have to reflect and take a good look at what you did, deconstruct it to better rebuild it the way you want it to be...

Gee, did knitting made me reach the philosophical pleonastic stratospheres? Or was it too much green tea? Don’t know. But I remembered the Mahatma Gandhi was weaving from thread he himself spun and encouraged others to do so. Were Aristotle, Socrates and Plato knitters too?

Well, we’ll never know for sure. But yepi for knitting and constructing things according to our intents and dreams.

Have a beautiful and constructive week! All the best,

Patricia Wood

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