Time of the Aquarius...

I stumbled upon this beautiful Denim Sky Porcelain Cupcake Stand from AquarianPotteryWorks... Don't you agree that any cupcade could even look better on this stand?

Aquarian Pottery Works is an artistic partnership between Judy and Kirk, who both were born under the sign of Aquarius (terrific sign, am one as well!). This little Etsy Boutique offers stoneware and porcelain functional and artistic pottery with both of the owners unique styles.

Judy even manages to create jewelry porcelain jewelry with so much details! How does she do it???

You can also see more of her work in her other contemporary seed-beading shop, BeadBug. The pendant shown on the right started with one of her original art drawing, done in colored pencil.

Hope you'll stop by both shop and look around!

Have a great day!!

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