Be All You Can Be

"Eighty percent of everything you’ll learn in high school is useless, and you’ll never use it again. Twenty percent is indispensable, and you won’t be able to get along in life without it. Unfortunately, you won’t know which is which until after you get out of school, and it’s different for every person. Study hard." Brian Katcher

My son completed the first of two exams session this week-end. The high schools he would like to attend next year are pretty awesome, with lot's of projects, great spirit and extra curriculum activities. That made me happy:)

Because you may learn all the academic skills you want, what good will they serve if you don't get the basic social skills? If you don't get to try multiple things and get a glimpse of what your place in the world might be, of where you fit?

Respect, negociation, friendship, creativity, organisation, sharing, planification, love, disappointment, joy, caring, giving back, discoveries... these and more spice up and define your life.

Katcher's quote made me think. Study hard, yes. But take an active part in this great world of ours and be the best you can be. Never fear to fail - it's not about the fall but about how you get up. This 20% is indispensible.

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