HOW-TO Holidays

If you are looking for ideas for packaging, here are some great little video how-tos I found browsing through The Storque on Etsy. I published the links a while ago but thought you'd love to take a look at them again with only 30 days or so to Christmas:)

You'll find great ideas and tips to personalize gifts and packages at almost no cost.

So grab your cup of tea, sit back and enjoy:)

Etsy Holiday How-To #1: Packaging
Etsy Holiday How-To #2: Branding ur Shipping Materials
Etsy Holiday How-To #3: Creating Labels and Hang-Tags
Etsy Holiday How-To #4: Photographing Your Items
Etsy Holiday How-To #5: Shipping

Hope this will give you some cool ideas! Have a wonderful day:)


PS: If you have other tips or links pertaining to gift wrapping and packaging you'd like to share, please leave them in the comments! Thanks:)

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