Statsy Vutrac and New Earrings

If your an Etsian, you probably track your shop's heart, item's heart, check daily if one of your items is featured in a treasury or a gift guide, hope to make it on the front page and figured out a way to manually track your item views.

To help you out, you probably use the
Heartomatic and the Craftopolis applications. But did you know you there is this new cool tool that allows you to track your shop's item views ?

It's called
Statsy and it really will help you save time if you're a stats tracker. In a nutshell, here's what it will do for you:
  • Track your shop's item views
  • Tell who your biggest fan is
  • Send an e-mail every time you make it on the front page
  • Tell you on which page and what place one of your items is
  • What "color" your listing is

Whipe out your tears of joy and go find out more about it. You'll love it:)

Now going to see how these two new designs are doing:)

Have a great day!

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