About Creativity

Read a post by Leo Babauta on creativity where he was sharing his "creativity tips". Here are some I liked...
  • Play
  • Look for inspiration all around you, in the smallest places
  • Start small
  • Just get it out, no matter how crappy that first draft
  • Don’t try for perfect-Just get it out there
  • Constantly make it better
  • Ignore the naysayers-But let criticism help you grow
  • Teach and you’ll learn
  • Shake things up, see things in new ways
  • Write all ideas down immediately
  • Turn your work into play
  • Play with kids
  • Get out
  • Read wildly different things
  • Get lots of rest-Overwork kills creativity
  • Don’t force it-Relax, play, it will start to flow
  • Allow your mind to wander-Allow distractions, when you’re looking for inspiration
  • Don’t be afraid to be stupid and silly
  • Small ideas are good-You don’t need to change the world — just change one thing
  • When something is killing your creativity, kill it
  • Stop reading creativity advice, clear away everything, and just create
  • Most of all, have fun
I will add "never stop learning" and "be amazed". There are no such thing as "the right time" - right time is now.

Have a happy and healthy Friday:)

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