10 Marketing Tips to Top Search Engine Ranking

Ever did a search for your on website only to realize you were to be found on page 57? Not a very good place to be if you wish to increase traffic on your website and/or your sales! Here are 10 simple tips from Michael Wong that will help solve your problem:)

1) Increase your site's link popularity by increasing your internal links. Cross link all your sites and important pages within each site (ex: your website, blog and Etsy). This will maximize the PageRank of all your pages within each web site.

2) Exchange links with sites listed in the same category as yours in the major web directories, such as the Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory.

3)Find sites that accept site submissions. Visit your favorite search engine and search for: "add url" "your keywords"

4) Try to avoid stop words in your TITLE tag. Stop words (a, an, and, but, he, her, his, i, in, it, of, on, or, she, the, etc.) are common words and characters ignored by some search engines to enhance the speed and relevancy of their search results.

5) Check the first couple of lines of the first paragraph to see if it's appropriate to be used as a description of your page. Many search engines utilize the first couple of sentences of the body text as the search results description.

6) Try to achieve a minimum word count of 300 and a maximum of 750 words on each page

7) Use the longer or plural version of a keyword, where possible. Word stemming is a concept used by some search engines to return search results that include keywords that extend beyond what you searched for. For example, a search with the keyword "engine" might return results for, "engines," "engineers," and "engineering." If someone searches for the longer version of a word and your page only uses the short version, then your page will be excluded from the list of possible results

8) Sprinkle a few uncommon keywords and synonyms in your main body text. Less popular keywords have less competition in the search engines. So your web page is has a greater chance of being listed amongst the top results.

9) Do not repeat keywords or keyword phrases over and over again on a web page, as this would be considered as spam by search engines.

10) Do not use font size one (1) text as the default text size. Many search engines consider tiny text to be spam. It's OK to use some font size one text.

Guess I have some work to do! Take care and hae a great day:)

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