Flowerbox: A Desing Object

When walking on St-Denis street in Montreal, you get to stand in front of this lovely shop at some point. And you just have to get in.

What you see in this lovely galerie/shop is Nature hanging on the walls, everywhere, in flower boxes.

So pretty and inspiring. Intriguing and different too. Flower boxes have become true design objects.

Don't you love it?

Here's what you can find: "A surprising, well-designed, box of plants to hang and feel nature on your walls… The Flower box provides an infinite combination of flowers, plants, trees and colours to match your taste, or simply to match the season." Talk about thinking and growing out of the box!

Hope you'll visit if you are in the area. Here is the address (click to go to website):
Galerie Flowerbox Montreal
4400 St-Denis Street

Other locations in Paris, Lyon, Toulon, Marseille and Toulouse.

Hope it inspires you:) Have a lovely day!

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