Feng Shui Tips

"In ancient China, the natural world was studied devoutly. The concepts that developed are the basis of Feng Shui. Understanding these concepts - the energy of Ch'i, and the balancing of Yin and Yang - is very important to creating good Feng Shui.

Ch'i is the life energy that pervades everything. When Ch'i is flowing abundantly in your home, the results are health, happiness and good fortune."

  • A bowl of fruit on the kitchen table or dining room table signifies abundance. It creates positive energy and enhances prosperity.

  • Dining chairs should be even in number. Even numbers represent luck, and odd numbers represent loneliness.

  • Allow sufficient room under the bed for Ch'i to flow. Empty space under your bed will make you feel lighter and more carefree.

  • To improve your love life, bring some yellow into the bedroom. I will aid communication.

  • Refrain from hanging items on the backs of doors. Doing this increases the weight of the door and adds more struggle to your life.

  • Keep windows clean to ensure clarity of vision in your life.

  • Rounded objects create harmony in the home, whereas sharp corners create disruptive energy. Keep this in mind when furnishing your home.

  • Red will intensify passion. It is a lucky color, and is associated with fire, happiness and warmth.

  • Use light green and blue to create a calm, soothing energy. Blue is also the color of protection. Calm and peaceful, it encourages inspiration.

  • Warm colors such as terra-cotta and yellow enhance positive feelings and encourage a heartfelt approach to life.

  • White enhances creativity.

  • Gold will attract brightness and great honor.

  • Keep your mirrors clean. Dust and dirt reduce the effectiveness of mirrors. The reflection you see in a mirror is what other people see in you.

  • Mirrors in your dining room symbolically double the amount of food on the table. This creates a feeling of well-being that will benefit your, your family and your guests.

  • Use still-life to bring calm to your home and active art to create more movement.

  • Ancient coins can be used as a decoration to stimulat wealth.

  • Wind chimes placed where air moves will make music, enliven the space and encourage Ch'i.

  • Water, particularly moving water, attracts Ch'i and money.

  • Placing plants near your computer will help to absorb the harmful energies being emitted.

  • Upward-shooting, round-leafed indoor plants increase the oxygen level and lift the energy in a room.

  • Birds and fish make wonderful pets. They both symbolize wealth.

  • Household pets can be very helpful in activating good Feng Shui as they are always moving from room to room, encouraging energy to flow.

Have a good and prosperous day:)

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