Fall in love with Himi and Fumi, owners of "Davie & Chiyo"

Yes fall in love with these completely amazing beautiful clutches -
little pieces of art to carry with you, handmade by Himi & Fumi Bull.

'Davie & Chiyo' was started in the fall of 2008 by the small team of Himi and Fumi Bull.

Both fell completely in love with clutches, and it was if they were meant to start a purse store all along! The clutches are all designed by the two of them, and carefully handmade. The components - hardware and fabrics - come from all over the place: Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada. A lot of the fabrics used are one of a kind, taken from vintage kimono and obi from Japan! Not only are they unique, they are just drop dead gorgeous!!

“We want to produce clutches that are beautiful and delicate looking, but which are at the same time able to withstand heavy use, by being extremely well made, and from high quality materials. We want the clutches to be not just bags, but to be part of an outfit; something that will complete an outfit. We want to be able to offer a variety of styles and colours in order to appeal to many consumers, as well as to compliment any number of different looks.”

Environmentally friendly, Himi and Fumi try to use as much vintage materials as possible in the product making. They also try to use less packaging materials as much as they can, and the materials that they do use, to be those that leave the smallest carbon footprint.

Visit Davie & Chiyo Accessories shop for those glasses cases, camera cases and side-kiss wristlets that you love! ♥ http://www.shnury.etsy.com/

If you are looking for luxury clutches, say for weddings and bridesmaids...checkout the original shop Davie and Chiyo.♥ http://www.davieandchiyo.etsy.com/

Have a terrific day:)

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