Put your Cape on!

« Whether you believe you can make it or not,
you’re probably right” Henri Ford

Here’s a technique I learned from Anthony Robbins that works wonders when everything seems to go wrong, when you feel insecure or intimidated. Take a deep breath... and imagine you're wearing a super-hero’s cape. Yes, a cape, one just like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman would wear. All those heroes have in common to be self confident and believe in themselves.

Now wearing your long, impressive and beautiful cape, walk a little. Go on, do it ! Stand up ! How would a super hero wearing a super hero costume with a cape walk ? Surely with nobility and power, standing tall, moving and talking in a self assured manner, chin up ! Don’t just read these lines, DO IT NOW, TRY IT ! FEEL empowered!
Now feeling empowered and grounded, visualize yourself in the situation you want to succeed in. Play the movie in your head and feel the feelings of condidence and all the other good feelings that come with your way. Smile. Repeat until it feels very natural.

Teach this little technique to your children and remind them to put their imaginary cape before an exam, oral or any event that make them feel stressed. It is wonderful to watch them walk with their cape and see their posture change. Join them ! It works just as well for grown ups !

Now, do you believe you can make it or not ?

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