Jazoie - Wayfarin' Skincare for Adventurous Women

Ok, I usually don’t post anything special on week-ends but on this glorious Saturday morning, I have to!

Jazoie Wayfarin’ Skincare for Adventurous Women
will finally be available online in June!

Jazoie is “A collection of awesome skincare products to revive and rejuvenate your tired bones after hitting the trail, gym, street or mountain. You’ll find no frou-frou bubble baths and smelly candles here. Instead you’ll find rich, hardworking natural skincare products made with top quality oils, butters and waxes, scented with carefully selected essential oils. Jazoie is a line of skincare products designed to get you back outside as quickly as possible. We spend enough time indoors as matter of necessity... don’t let your skincare regimen keep you there!”

So check it out and mark IndieNorth’ blog to get it first! Can’t wait!!!

Have a wonderful week-end:)

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