How-to Wednesday: Make a Necklace Display

Here is a simple, cheap and easy way to create a great looking necklace bust. I did it myself and was impressed by the results. What's great about it is that you can choose any color or fabric you want.

This tutorial was create by Bea Graansma. Have fun!


Make a Necklace Display
a cheap and easy way to create
a great looking necklace bust
© by Bea Graansma; all rights reserved

I made this necklace display that can be used for showing your work at jewelry shows and parties. It's also a great prop for photographing your jewelry. This necklace bust is very inexpensive, and takes less than an hour to make:

Figure 1: Front of homemade necklace display,
covered with imitation leather.

Trace the pattern shown in Figure 2 onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out. The pattern here is 25 cm high x 28 cm wide, but feel free to make your necklace bust taller or shorter than shown here.

Figure 2: Pattern for necklace display.
The small square drawn near the middle of the patternrepresents 1 square centimeter.

Glue fabric to the front of your display. Imitation leather, velour, or satin can make your display look really elegant. If you choose imitation leather, you have to use a very strong glue, otherwise it doesn't hold at the folds. In Figure 3, you can see the bare cardboard on the back of mine.

Figure 3: Back of finished necklace display.

Punch a hole in each of the two the bottom corners, as indicated on the pattern.

Run a knitting needle or the back of your scissors over the lines at the top and each side of your necklace display, so they will be easy to fold. (See the lines in Figure 2.)

Carefully fold back the sides and top along these fold lines.

Thread a piece of string or elastic through the two holes and tie the string ends together, as shown in Figure 3, to hold the sides back and make your necklace display stand upright.

Adorn your fabulous new necklace bust with a piece of jewelry!

I'm not sure this display would be sturdy enough for frequent use at shows and fairs; I originally intended it to be used for photographing necklaces. But it's cheap, and therefore easy to replace when it shows wear and tear.

Have a great day:) Talk to you tomorrow!

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