How-to Wednesday: Make a Bracelet Display

How to Make a Bracelet Display
by Patricia Wood
all rights reserved

Here's how to make an inexpensive necklace display that looks fantastic!

You will need:
. Stick glue/white glue
. Pencil, cisor, ruler
. 2 pieces of carboard (one thick piece and one soft)
. Empty paper towel roll
. Felt

30-45 minutes

1) Start by gluing soft carboard to piece of felt

Here, I'm using a scapbooking type carboard

Note: use glue stick, felt will "absorb" white glue and leave traces

2) Glue empty paper towel roll to thick carboard (you may use stick glue or white glue)

3) Now put stick glue on each side of and on empty paper roll and put felt piece you just glued to soft carboard (felt on top)

4) Press firmly (don't flatten paper roll thought!)

5) Bend over excess fabric and staple all around

6) You can see here how the back looks. Spread glue and put another piece of soft carboard to solidify base (I recycled an old paper folder)

7) Now cover your piece of carboard with another piece of felt. Cut it so you have an excess 1-1.5" felt border.

8) Fold up and stitch.


You can use the other side to show your necklaces.
You can use any color you want.
Use empty toilet paper roll for smaller display.

Hope you'll enjoy making this bracelet display. Have fun!

Have a great day! Talk to you tomorrow:)

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