Earth Day and Sharing Forward

Remember last week’s post about Sharing your Creativity and Art Forward? Well, I completed my “something” to give:)

It was a bit of a challenge ‘cause some of the people who entered where jewelry designers themselves. I did not want to give them something they could come up with... And I did not want to send them a bunch of glass beads alone. What then?

Focal handmade lampwork glass beads look good when used in center piece. So I decided to feature some in cell phone charms' designs. But because not everybody has a cell phone or like briolettes, I made simple key chains instead. I kept them very simple so they could easily be turned into cell phone charms or just hung to a bag or purse. I really hope they like them!

Here is an extra one I made for Earth Day. The round shape of the bead reminded me of Earth, the color of the sea, the flowers of the continents. The crystal is for sky and peace sign is my wish for our beautiful planet. I will list that one on Etsy today.
Happy Earth Day! Hope you have a great one:)

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