Reflect and get set: where are you at?

I had a couple of challenges and things I wanted to accomplish this week. And I can say I did good:)

For instance, I had set some goals for my Etsy and my online shops past Monday. I am where I wanted to be in "number of items posted". Yep, I've reach magic number 45! I had also targeted "2 online sales" for this week... Got them in person but still waiting for them to happen in the virtual world. But with 3 days left to the week, I'm confident they'll happen:)

I also looked around and visited a lot of successful Etsy jewelry shops this week. I saw really beautiful things. Some people are so talented, creative and passionate! I was "wowed" many many times.
Something surprised me though: the only thing they all had in common was... good pictures and presentations! It was not about the originality of the designs, if it is was all real or plated, not even about prices. Successful sellers all have a great way to show their products and take really good pictures. In addition, positive feed-back support their photos and descriptions. Voilà the winning combination!
Vertigo, by VerreDesign
A friend of mine, who is a lawyer, once told me "It's not about what is said as much at how it is said. An OK idea well presented and debated will always win over a super duper one that is not". My lawyer friend instincively understood marketing and sales :)

I'm thinking about diversifying my shop and maybe offer lampwork bead sets. Not sure, I'll see. Also add silver rings and pendants. I love working with silver but I'm too caught up in glass right now, it will have to wait a little.

What else do you think I should offer? And what do you think about my pictures? Let me know your thoughts!

Your turn now, let me know how was your week. Did you accomplish what you had planed? Are you where you wanted to be at? Take a moment and share it here.

Have a wonderful Friday! Talk to you tomorrow:)

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