Go Go Monday: fulfill all domains of your life

What do you want to achieve this week? Do you ever ask yourself that question? If you do, does it only concern your profesional life? Did you ever think about asking yourself that question for all the domains of your life?

It is my son's birthday this week. So for me, there are two main things I want to achieve this week. 1- Create an amazing environment for my son to be in so he feels really special, 2- Create and fill my online shops with beautiful items that people will buy.

We usually tend to always define our goals in some kind of "to do" lists. Is it working? Sometimes. Though most of the time some of our "today's to do" end up in our "tomorrow's to do", and so on, and so on... Kind of like if it was impossible to do it all. You feel overwhelmed and end up forgetting prioritizing, 'till it is screaming "urgent"!

In my "past life", I was a manager and a certified coach (I really was for 15 years). Still am a coach, it can not but stick with you:) And if I had only one thing to suggest to make it easier on you it would be to learn how to define your goals in short, general, "feel good" sentences. Like the ones I started this up with. From there, you chunk it into smaller, achievable tasks.

To do that, ask yourself "what is the first thing I have to do to achieve my goal?". For instance, for my "Create and fill my online shops with beautiful items that people will buy", I came up with "list more new items to get to 45 in my Etsy store (currently at 39) by Friday", "review very successful jewelry shops to see what is selling the most by Wednesday", "create new original designs for Muse and Geometric collections by April 5th", etc... You can come up with 10 tasks or more, and that's ok. Simply remember to establish an end date for all of them.

Now you have to prioritize. Ask again "what is the first thing I have to do to achieve my goal this week?". We usually only have to fulfill 20% of the tasks we've determined to achieve our main goal (20-80 rule). That means that if you listed 10 smaller tasks, completing the 2 most important should do it. In my example, I should start by reviewing what successful sellers are doing (more logical), then list accordingly. This means I also reviewed the end dates (reviewing other sellers will be done on Monday). Only after completing those two main tasks will I work on my other collections (which I would have probably done right away not having done this exercise!)

One last thing: how will you know you succeeded? Simply by putting a measurable target. In my case, it represents 2 online sales this week.

So here is a quick recap:
1- What do you want to achieve this week?
2- What is the first thing you have to do to achieve this goal? (tasks with end date)
3- What 20% of these tasks will allow you to most effectively fulfill your goal?
4- How will you know you succeeded? (measurable target)

There are many domains in our lives (personal, professional, spiritual, financial, creativity...). Pick 2 and try this method this week. Doesn't take much time and you will be amazed how getting what you really want can be simple. It also allows you to refocus. Life isn't at all about a list of to do's...

Have a wonderful week:)

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