Millionaire Mind and Financial Freedom

Got the chance yesterday to attend a very interesting and helpful seminar given by Chantelle Tibbs. Topic : becoming financially free as an artist. Based on the best seller "Secret of the millionaire mind", Chantelle managed to make it fun and CREATIVE !

In a nutshell, we should all put our money in 6 different jars :
1) 55% Expense Jar (55% of your income - expenses are rent, utilities... not your weekly 60$ expenses in bars or restaurants !)
2) 10% Financial Freedom Jar (10% of your income - that jar you never touch except to invest the money you put in it)
3) 5% Give Jar (share 5% of what you have with others)
4) 10% Fun Jar (to spoil yourself a little !)
5) 10% Long Term Savings Jar (money you intend to spend in 6 to 12 months, like traveling)
6) 10% Education Jar (never stop learning or deepened your skills)

If money's too tight, start with 2 jars (90% expenses and 10% Financial Freedom), work it slowly and add one jar at the time. It will change your life and really make you feel you're in control of your destiny !

Learn and read more on Chantelle's Tibbs blog and take a look at her official web site.

Who said artists could'nt manage their money ?

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